Playing in the new family

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Playing in the new family

The day after his mothers wedding to his new step father is when it all started for him... Before this he never knew that he was gay/bi but from that day on he knew that he wanted men.. It all started when he woke up and went down stairs, he knew his mother had already left for work around 6am but forgot that his step father (Jim) was still there.. 

As he walked down the stairs he heard Jim on the phone talking to his mother saying that she needed to leave for Texas as soon as they could get a flight out that her father is not doing so well and that he needed to take care of me and make sure I am going to school because it was my last year. he said he would and that everything would be ok to leave as soon as she could which was that after noon. 

I decided to stay home and help her pack before se left. after we got done packing Jim took her to the air port and got back xnxxv sunny leone video around dinner time.. we ordered pizza and hurry and ate it because I knew my fav. 

Tv show was on that night.. so I took care of everything and was walking into theliving room when I heard from up stairs that Jim was going to jump in the shower and the door would be open if I needed to use it.. jim was about 30 then a good real forced anal against her will 10 years younger than my mother but he made her happy.. well about 5 mins later I had to take a pee and thought he would be done.. when I got up stair I still heard the shower going, so I walked in and told him I had to pee he said ok.. as I was peeing I looked in the mirer and noticed that I could see that jim was playing with himself and that he had a .. Ihurried and got done peeing and went back down stairs.. 

I noticed that his dick was getting hard and I couldn't keep my mind off of jim playing with his dick in the shower , I tryed to get my mind off it but kept thinking that I watched to really see how big it was, so I got up off the couch and started up stairs I could hear the water being turned off in the bathroom and I wanted to catch jim drying off so I could see it, so I acted like I was going to my room witch was next to the bathroom so I walked by and tryed to look in but it was too late he had the towel around his waist but I noticed the hot body he had and I didn't even realize that I stoppedin front of the door of the bathroom and was stairing in at him and he looked right at me and asked what I was doing and I just told him I was going to my room. I smiled and walked to my room hoping he didn't realize what I was trying to do.

that night I decided to do the same thing he did with the bathroom with leaving the door open if he needed to use it while I was in the shower.. about 2 mins into my shower he walked into the bathroom and yelled that he was going to the video store and wanted to know if there was a movie I wanted I just yelled to get something we will both watch and he left and went down stairs and out the door.. I finished my shower and went to my room to get some clothes on and heard him come back in. he yell for me to come down and see what he got. when I got down there I saw two bags in his hand.. he pulled out two movies out of one bag and said they were for us to watch, I asked what was in the other bag and he said that was for him later after I went to bed..

as we walked into the living room to watch the movies I decided to get something to drink before we started the movies so I asked him if he wanted something while I was in kitchen, he said yeah bring him a beer. so I did and when I went back into theliving room I noticed that jim had taken off his shirt and pants and was sitting in the chair in his boxers, I handed him his beer and smiled at him and he smiled back and said thanks. he hit play and we started watching the movie about 3/4th of the way threw the movie I started getting tired and told jim I was going to bed that I would see him in the morning. he said ok and that he was going to go to bed to. so we shut everything off and went up stairs I headed to my room and he went into his and my 's room. 

I turned on my tv and my pc and then went to the bathroom. while in the hall I noticed that jim left his bedroom door open about a 1/4 of the way. I thought hey maybe I couldfinally see how big of a cock he had so I walked tord his room and looked in just a little so that he couldn't see me. at first I couldn't see him I knew I had to step a little closer to be able to see him so I did.. I could see everything in the room. he was laying naked on the bed with a rock in his hand playing with him self and I could feel my 9 inch cock getting hard just watching him.. 

When I looked at his tv to see what he was watching I could see that he was watching a .. I started smiling, I new I had a chance then to be able to try something with him but right now was not the time I wanted it to be me getting his so I told myself that I would get him tomorrow on the drive we took everyFriday afternoon to the lake. so I went back into my bedroom and pulled down my boxers and started jacking my hard cock till I came everywhere just thinking of him. after I was down I cleaned up and went to bed. the next morning I got woken up by jim shaking me telling me that he wanted to go to the lake early for me to get ready. all I could think about was what I wanted to happen with him today.. so I got up and got dressed and ran down stairs and out the door to the car and we left. we were about an hour from the house when I started to really ask him what was in the other bag from last night, he said it was for him to know and me not. 

I sat there thinking of a way I could just come out and say it so that he would have to try something. so I just looked at him and asked well was it the gay porn you were watching in the bedroom? he looked at me and asked me how I knew what he was watching and I smiled and said that I wanted to see how big his cock was. he just smiled and told me to wait till be got to the lake witch was in about 5 mins. from that moment on I had such a rock hard cock in my pants just thinking of him last night. 

when we got to the lake he stopped the car and looked at me and asked if I was going to tell my mom about the video's?i told him that if he gives me what I want then I won't but if he don't I will. and he asked me what I wanted I looked down at his pants and smiled and said I want your cock in any way I can. that I wanted to do what the guys were doing in the his movies. he just smiled and looked down at me hard cock in my pants.

he reached out and put his hand on my cock and told me if this is what I wanted why didn't I join him last night. I said that I wanted to be able to get his cock hard instead of him watching porn. he looked at me and smiled and said that he was thinking of me while he was jacking his 14 inch cock and that he has wanted mesense the day he met me. 

I reached over and unden his pants and put out his cock I bent down and started kissing the head of his cock I could hear him moan and pushing his hips up so his cock would go more in my mouth. it tasted so great I wanted it all and I kept trying to take it all I could taste the pre-cum from his cock and hear the moaning. after about 3 mins of me sucking his hard cock his balls pulled up and his cock got fatter and harder and I knew that he was getting ready to cum so I put as much of his cock in my mouth as I could and he shot a big load into my mouth, all I could do was drink it and after the first load I wanted it all so I kept drinking as much as I could hearing him moan. after the last shot I lifted my head up and smiled at him and he leand over and kissed me deep and then whispered into my ear that this was just the beginning..............

I guess you will have to wait and see what happens.. whink whink